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We are looking for experienced design staff members. Please see attached flyer. We welcome highly motivated and experienced landscape designers. Please call or e-mail us for details.
Tel: 03-5435-1170

[Employment]: Landscape Designer, Project Manager
(1) Experienced Landscape Designer, Urban Planner, Architect intending to expand to carrier in Landscape Architecture.
(2) Registered Landscape Architects or Professional Engineers of Urban & Regional Planning (Optional Subjects) in Civil Engineering (Technical Disciplines) or RCCM (Registered Civil Engineering Consulting Manager) or Registered Architect (First Class License).
(3) Project Manager with Design Skills and Construction Knowledge.
(4) Senior Mentor or Instructor leading young staff members.
FYI: Employment

[Internship Program]: International interns, who wish to learn landscape design and obtain Japanese design techniques
(1) Interns for more than 6 month internship period take priority.
(2) Prepare enough savings or fund to financially support living expenses. Grants or scholarship might be available on universities or foundations.
(3) Secure short term housing in Tokyo.
(4) Hard copy of portfolio and resume.
(5) Essay about purpose and visions (goals) in Japan and after internship program.
Please provide schedule of intended internship period and information of language level including English and Japanese.
FYI: Internship

We translated the article written by Prof. Bruce Sharky in Louisiana State University about Hama Rikyu Garden in Tokyo and published in Landscape Design Magazine by Marumo Publishing Co., Ltd. The article also includes the topic that our president, Tooru Miyakoda, received “Uehara Keiji Award” (Japanese Olmsted Award) by Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture.

We had an annual Cherry Blossom Pary. Aya and Brian joined from United States and enjoyed a fun party.

We invited Prof. Bruce and his wife, Nola to our mountain cottage in Kiyosato. We enjoyed this recreation with our staff members. Prof. Nakase and Prof. Kaga from Osaka Prefecture University are also invited from Kansai (West) region of Japan. See the photos of this party. The party was also intended to celebrate Prof. Bruce and Tooru’s 77 year old. The weather was fine and beautiful for all days during our stay. We enjoyed trout BBQ we fished in the river near the cottage.

Prof. Bruce G Sharky from Louisiana State University with his wife, Nola visited us in Tokyo after lecture in University of Hyogo. We had a welcome party for Prof. Bruce and his wife Nola in our office.

Annual Cherry Blossom Party was held a littel bit late in this year. All participants appreciated the coming warm spring and enjoyed the party very much. See the photos of the party.

Annual year-end party was held in the party room in Osaki new redepelopment area. Many friends, family members, clients, and business partners attended this pary. We also enjoyed Bingo game.

The group of MEDG from Hangzhou, China visited Keikan Sekkei Tokyo. We discussd our potential collaboration after our project presentations. We all enjoyed a small snack party.

We received the Design Award of Excellence for “Soka Univerisy GLOBAL Square” in Tokyo from IFLA (International Federation of Landscape Architects) ASIA Pacific Landscape Architecture Awards 2017. The IFLA ASIA-PAC awards Gala Ceremony was held on the evening of Saturday, November 4th 2017 at the IFLA Regional Concress in Bangkok, Thailand. Tooru & Yoshiko Miyakoda, FASLA, CEO, Hiroshi Watanabe, Principal, Kinoto Miyakoda, Principal & Aya Miyakoda at Keikan West attended this award ceremony in Bangkok. Please see the announcement and our award winning project.
We also visited Mr. Tan who graduated from Louisiana State University and established his own office of PL Design, leading landscape design firm, We all thank him and his staff for welcoming us to Bangkok, Thailand. Also see the photos of our great experience in the tour.

Tooru and Kinoto attended ASLA meeting in Los Angeles. We are inspired with many great projects and met many old and new friends in the convention.

Tooru and Kinoto visited San Francisco before attending ASLA meeting in Los Angeles. We had a wonderful reunion party with many great friends and landscape architects including Ron Herman, George Omi, Willie Lang, David Gates, Howard Altman, and Aki Omi.

Beijing Shunshine Landscape, one of the largest landscape design built firm, visited Keikan Sekkei Tokyo. President Liu Hua and Tooru Miyakoda agreed with the future expanded collaboration in projects in China.

Delegation from Moscow Government including Urban Planning Bureau and Ministry of Housing and Communal Services of Moscow Region of Russia visited us to meet several leading landscape firms in Japan. We took them a tour to a couple of our projects and exchanged many opinions regarding the public landscape design and outdoor living spaces in Japan and Russia after our company introduction.

Tooru and Kinoto had a lecture at Louisiana State University.

We enjoyed Cherry Blossom Party on our building room. It took long until cherry fully bloomed in this year so we could enjoy beautiful blossoms.

We had an annual year-end party in the meeting room in Osaki, new development area.

Tooru and Kinoto had a week long lecture in Tsinghua University in Beijing, China.

We had an annual Cherry Blossom Party.

Our annual year-end party was held in the restaurant located on the first floor of our office building.

Prof. Max visited us and had a lecture. Many alumni attended and made a reunion party in Tokyo.

We had our annual Charry Blossom Party.

All our staff members enjoyed an annual recreation in Kiyosato.

KEIKAN SEKKEI TOKYO Co., Ltd. received a “Merit Award” in the Design Category for Reitaku University – ASUNARO Building in the Woods from the 11th International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) Asia Pacific Region (APR) at the annual IFLA APR meeting held in Kuching, Malaysia. The Award Ceremony took place at the Pullman Hotel Kuching, where a total of 17 award recipients representing diverse fields and locations throughout the region were honored. This prize was awarded to KEIKAN SEKKEI TOKYO Co., Ltd. for their devotion to sustainable design and significant accomplishment of high quality landscape architectural works. Please see photos at the ceremony.

We had an annual “2014 Cherry Blossom Party”, and many people attended thanks to the perfect weather. Please see photos on the day.

Mr. Tan, a founder of PL Landscape Design, one of the first landscape architects in Thailand, who also graduated from Louisiana State University visited our office with his staff members. This is our welcome party photos.

Our year-end party was held at “Olive Tree”, a restaurant at Osaki Gate City. We had great time with all great friends, families, and business partners. A lot of people won nice presents in the Bingo game. Please see these photos on the day.

Martin Kipp, an intern from University of Florida started his 6 month internship program. This is our welcome party for him.

Prof. Sadik, a department head of Landscape Architecture at Mississippi State University visited Japan. We have been a great friend each other for many years since he was a graduate coordinator at Louisiana State University, and enjoyed reunion in Japan.

Our President, Tooru Miyakoda, FASLA, had a lecture in Tsinghua University in Beijing with the invitation from Prof. Liu at Academy of Art & Design. About 30 students worked for their design projects and we were highly impressed by the high motivation from Chinese students during a week long design studio.

We enjoyed an annual “2013 Cherry Blossom Party” on the roof at Keikan Sekkei Tokyo. Although it was unfortunately a little bit chilly day, all of our guests made the party warm and enjoynable.

We had a year-end party at “Olive Tree”, a restaurant at Osaki Gate City. We also enjoyed the second round at our office. Please see these photos on the day.

Eric from Hong Kong, who had an internship at our office when he was a LSU student, visited us with KMCM from Guangzhou. We discuss collaboration in projects in China later. Please see these photos during their visit.

We would like to make an announcement that we received “International Diamond Award for Customer Satisfaction 2012” from European Society for Quality Research. The reception and award ceremony were held in Rome, Italy on June 24th. We were selected for one of the award recipients out of 25 international firms all over the world.

It was an honor that quality of our works, efforts and hospitality for both clients and contribution to the global environment were highly evaluated and internationally recognized to deserve this award. Kinoto went to Rome to attend the reception and ceremony as our representative. Please see these photos during the reception and ceremony.

Please also check our speech in the convention on their website.

William, Principal at SED in Shenzhen, China with his party visited us. These are photos for their stay in Tokyo.

An article of Methodist Hospital Healing Garden, which Kinoto worked on in TBG Houston office, is published in Landscape Design, No.83 April issue, 2012 by Marumo Publishing Co., Ltd..

We have “2012 Cherry Blossom Party” at our office, and could enjoy arrival of spring. It seemed longing especially this year after the recovery from the earthquake last year.

Prof. Li at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China visited Japan and we had a welcome party for his group. We look forward to collaboration projects in the near future.

We have an annual year-end party at “La Pausa”, an Italian restaurant on the 2nd floor in Sony building, Osaki and then moved to our office to continue enjoying the rest of party. Please see these photos on the day.

Our President, Tooru Miyakoda, FASLA, had a lecture in Architecture and Urban Planning Department of Shenzhen University. Please see this lecture images.

We visited SED Shenzhen office and talked about mutual exchange and collaboration. SED is one of the largest landscape firms in Shenzhen. Please see these photos at their office.

For 60 year anniversary of the City Planning Institute of Japan, Tooru Miyakoda writes an article about today’s meaning of “Landscape Architecture” by John Olmsbee Simonds and Barry W. Starke in City Planning Review magazine Vol. 60/ No.5 The article conveys active enthusiasm of designers in growing economy at the time the first edition was published in Japan, and also describes the importance of universal fundamentals in the changing world through our translation of the forth edition.

Keikan Sekkei Tokyo is featured in International New Landscape No.35 (2011 September – October), one of the most popular Chinese landscape architecture magazines. Articles write about our representative works including Hotarumibashi Park (2002 American Society of Landscape Architects National Chapter Professional General Design Honor Award), 29ha civic park Green Hills Tsuyama, and Granpark Tamachi Plaza (collaborated with legendary landscape architect, Robert Zion, a designer of Paley Park in New York city.

Our thoughts of roles in recovery and redevelopment from this earthquake as landscape architects. Please read and send us any comments.

Our landscape design for “Asunaro (a hiba arborvitae) Building” in Reitaku University has been completed based on the concept of “New School Building in the Woods”.

We had 2011 Cherry Blossom Party for the celebration of Spring. This is the pictures of the party.

We raised fundation and made donation of 60,460 yen through this party for the help of people who received bad damage from the earthquake in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture.

Our prayers are with people in those areas hoping the early recovery from this disaster. And we are deeply feeling like supporting and helping in any kinds of forms for the areas as landscape architects.

Our President, Tooru Miyakoda, FASLA, had a lecture in Agricultural University of Hebei, China. Please see this lecture images.

Our President, Tooru Miyakoda, FASLA, had a lecture in Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. Please see this lecture images.

Happy New Year!

Our team with Nissoken Architects/Engineers has been selected as one of five short list finalists for the design competition in Nagoya.

Welcome home Kinoto! We are excited to begin our collaboration efforts with TBG as they establish their newest office in Tokyo with Kinoto Miyakoda serving as Director.

Happy Birthday to Yoshiko-san.

We attended the ASLA convention in Washington, D.C. On our return we visited the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina.

We are happy to announce the publication of the Japanese translation of The Fourth Edition of Landscape Architecture, written by John Olmsbee Simonds and Barry W. Starke. Thanks to TEAM 9, Kajima Institute Publishing Co., Ltd., and everyone for their hard work and dedication.