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Employment: [Landscape Designer, Project Manager]
(1) Experienced Landscape Designer, Urban Planner, Architect intending to expand to carrier in Landscape Architecture.
(2) Registered Landscape Architects or Professional Engineers of Urban & Regional Planning (Optional Subjects) in Civil Engineering (Technical Disciplines) or RCCM (Registered Civil Engineering Consulting Manager) or Registered Architect (First Class License).
(3) Project Manager with Design Skills and Construction Knowledge.
(4) Senior Mentor or Instructor leading young staff members.

Ideal Candidate Profile:
(1) A person who understands the required issues and can propose the optimal solution
(2) A person who can organize and convey his/her thoughts
(3) A person who has a sense of responsibility and can face issues as his/her own problems
(4) A person who can improve efficiency

Thoughtful & attentive personality is more important than sole knowledge and education. A creative person who values the sense of accomplishment when designs and plans come to fruition.

Technological Capability:
(1) Ability to develop ideas required for design
(2) Presentation skills to express ideas and ingenuity
(3) Understanding of the design process to give form to ideas (knowledge of design process and construction)
(4) Graphic skills required for the above (sketches, plans, elevations, isometric rendering by hand as well as Photoshop, and layout software such as Illustrator, InDesign) and other computer skills (CAD and 3D applications such as SketchUp)
(5) Logical composition and sufficient computer literacy for creating reports (Word and Excel)

Integrated Professional:
(1) Ability to grasp the overall picture of issues and initiatives, understand their meaning and purpose, and implement solutions in a planned manner
(2) Ability to proactively address social issues as one’s own
(3) Ideas and ability to make proposals that break conventional preconceived notions
(4) Communication skills and leadership skills required in globalization

We will first grasp the purpose and goals, and think of ways to improve quality and efficient work methods. We will develop persuasive presentation skills and expressiveness to share design ideas and processes with others, by proposing solutions with effective design strategies and principles.

Application Method:
(1) Please let us know the reason for application, along with your resume and portfolio (work collection) by phone or e-mail.
(2) After an interview, if it is determined that the applicant is suitable, we recommend that the applicant undergo an internship for about three weeks to gain an understanding of the company and the nature of the work.
(3) During the internship, we check the applicant’s skills, communication skills, sense of responsibility, ability to make proposals, and other qualities necessary for a designer. Applicants can get to know the actual company environment through projects and work.
(4) We will decide whether to hire and send you a letter of acceptance.
(5) We will coordinate the schedule until joining the company, necessary training schedule, and administrative procedures.