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“Our outside space, surrounded by a concrete jungle…
soil, water, green… essential elements in our lives continue to be lost.

However, our planet Earth is one of a kind, an irreplaceable asset, the town of all of humankind, the foundation of nature as we know it. The 21st Century has experienced a wave of urbanization throughout cities of the world. In response to this urbanization we must strive to create a human environment promoting a rich, healthy, comfortable lifestyle.

As designers our goal is the creation of urban oases meeting the needs of contemporary society without sacrificing the natural environment that supports us.”

1. Planning
Regional Development & Open Space Planning; Urban Planning; New Town Planning; Recreation & Tourism Planning; Participatory Planning Workshop & Community
Design; Feasibility Studies; Project Programming & Market Analysis

2. Site Design & Concept Development
Urban Parks, Squares, & Plazas; Residential Development; Resort Development; Traditional Garden Design; Roof Gardens

3. Construction Documentation & Administration
Construction Drawings including: Planting Design, Hardscape & Paving Design, Lighting Design, Earthworks, Stormwater & Drainage Design, Utility Design, Detail Design; Bid Assistance; Construction Administration & Observation

4. Survey, Analysis Observation, Research, & Documentation
Environmental Improvement Survey; Environmental Impact Analysis; Ecological Investigation & Inventory; Human Behavior & Use Analysis

5. Exterior/Landscape Planning & Design Proposal or Supervision in Virtual Reality (Metaverse)
Extended Design Field to ultimately design in Universe.